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What happens if your dog eats ice melt, gets ice melt on its paws, or licks ice melt off of its paws?

MFI Ice Melt is not intended for animal ingestion therefore it should not be consumed if possible. However, the main ingredient in MFI Ice Melt is salt which is not majorly harmful to dogs unless eaten in a mass quantity. The main side effects if your dog does ingest ice melt is an upset stomach or dehydration. If you see these symptoms make sure that your dog has plenty of water available. If your dog continues to not act normally contact your veterinarian. If your dog gets ice melt on its paws it can cause some irritation and uncomfortableness. It is best to try to keep your ice melt, melted ice and snow from your driveway and wipe the dog’s paws off as soon as you can so that the ice melt does not stay on their paws for a long period of time.

What happens if your child eats ice melt?

MFI Ice Melt is not intended for human ingestion therefor it should not be consumed if possible. If a small amount of ice melt is ingested it should not hurt the child, they will just need to drink a lot of water. If your child eats a lot of ice melt it can cause an upset stomach. If your child becomes sick you should contact a doctor.

Does ice melt hurt concrete, grass, asphalt or a deck?

Ice melt should not be applied to a driveway less than 3 years of age or that is not properly sealed. As MFI’s Ice Melt dissolves snow and ice, it becomes liquid and the drainage on the edges of the driveway may cause damage to your grass. Before putting ice melt on your deck you should contact the manufacturer of your deck. The user assumes all risk involved with the use of MFI Ice Melt.

What is the rate of application for ice melt?

Ice melt should be applied 10 lbs. to 1000 square feet or 1 lb. per 100 square feet. To determine the square feet of the surface you are putting it on, multiply Length in feet by Width in feet.

What is the best way to store ice melt?

Ice melt should be stored in a covered humidity controlled place. Ice melt that is out in weather, humidity, and climate changes can cause ice melt to harden over time.

How do you dispose of ice melt?

Talk to your local waste management facility to see what their requirements are for disposing of ice melt.

Does ice melt hurt your eyes or hands?

Ice melt that is left on your hands can cause them to dry out and crack. If any gets in your eyes it can cause itching and irritation.

Can ice melt be used in food or as a water softener?

Ice melt cannot be used at all in any food or water.

What is the minimum melting temperature of MFI Ice Melt?

The MFI Ice Melt and Traction Aid product has a minimum melting temperature of 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The 4- way Commercial Ice Control has a minimum melting temperature of -15 degrees Fahrenheit.